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The It Factor: Network Marketing Pro Podcast

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The It Factor: Network Marketing Pro Podcast

From Go Pro With Eric Worre

Length: 5 mins


Eric Worre sits down with Gloria Mayfield Banks and talks about the “it” factor. Gloria shares her view on what the defining characteristics are of the high achievers. What does it take for a person to excel in Network Marketing? Gloria shares that it’s not your personality. She’s seen all types of personalities at the top of the game. It’s about the raw desire of ambition. Ambition comes to you in many different forms. She believes that it does take confidence or the desire to have confidence in order to be a high achiever. Gloria also says that in order to be successful in Network Marketing you have to have a love of people. She believes that the people who are at the top of their game really think about others and how they can help them. Eric shares that at the beginning the ambition is personal, but once you have that then there is a shift. The shift that happens becomes about contribution and the goals become about how many people can I help.
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