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How To Make The Best First Impression: W/ Jordan Harbinger

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How To Make The Best First Impression: W/ Jordan Harbinger

From Barbell Business - Podcast for gym owners by Barbell Shrugged

Length: 72 mins


If you have been watching our show, you have heard us say it many times- We are in a relationship business. With the amount of gyms in the market, that is more more true than ever before. If you want to succeed in building a strong community, you need to focus on connecting with your clients and building an experience that they value. That experience starts the first time they walk into your gym.  In this week’s show, we are podcasting with Jordan Harbinger. Jordan runs The Art of Charm, a podcast focused on helping top performers build advanced social skills. Art of Charm has been around for over 10 years and Jordan has had his fair share of experience diving into the deep psychology of communication and social interaction. Not to mention, Jordan has is a member of a CrossFit gym, and shares his experience of what it was like joining multiple gyms in the LA area, and what each gym felt like from the clients perspective.  In this episode, we discuss,  Tips & Tactics for developing higher level communication skills Why community is the most important aspect of your marketing Physical and verbal tactics for making the best first impression Why you need to remove negative people from your business and personal life Enjoy The Show, Mike
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