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There’s collusion, and then there’s collusion

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There’s collusion, and then there’s collusion

From The Weeds

Length: 59 mins


Dara, Ezra, and Matt discuss President Trump's remarkable performance in Helsinki and new research on employers colluding to hold down pay.


Dara mentioned Quinta Jurecic's piece tying Trump in Helsinki to Trump on Charlottesville.

Here's the Ari Fleischer tweet Ezra referenced.

Ezra walked through what we know about Trump's dealings with Russia. Here's that rundown (and more analysis) in text form.

Trump tweeted during recording — here's the full text Matt read.

Matt mentioned Adam Entous's New Yorker piece on Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates.

The 2015 Morning Joe interview Ezra mentioned. Joe Scarborough says Putin has a record of killing journalists and political opponents, and invading countries. Trump responds, "At least he's a leader."

White paper: "Theory and Evidence on Employer Collusion in the Franchise Sector" (Alan B. Krueger, Orley Ashenfelter)

More on the news about the no-poaching agreement in Washington state.
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