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The Bridal March with Composer James Venable

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The Bridal March with Composer James Venable

From Story Worthy

Length: 53 mins


Composer James Venable (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Scary Movie 3, 4 and 5 ) was a wedding DJ when he played the wrong music at a wedding and subsequently ruined the bride's life. Here’s a few links to help you get the most out of Story Worthy- if you’re listening on an iPhone, all you need to do is tap the cover art while the show is playing, and you’ll see the episode notes, including the links. There is one to subscribe, please do! There’s one to our Facebook page and to our email address. We’d love to hear from you, either there, or on our survey at You’ll also find some special deals courtesy of our sponsors like Hello Fresh (promo code STORY30) Casper Mattress, and Audible (promo code STORYWORTHY). It’s good karma guys!

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