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Why Behavior Change Apps Fail to Change Behavior-Nir&Far

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Why Behavior Change Apps Fail to Change Behavior-Nir&Far

From Nir And Far: Business, Behaviour and the Brain

Length: 12 mins


Imagine walking into a busy mall when someone approaches you with an open hand. “Would you have some coins to take the bus, please?” he asks. But in this case, the person is not a panhandler. The beggar is a PhD.  As part of a French study, researchers wanted to know if they could influence how much money people handed to a total stranger using just a few specially encoded words. They discovered a technique so simple and effective it doubled the amount people gave. The turn of phrase has been shown to not only increase how much bus fare people give, but was also effective in boosting charitable donations and participation in voluntary surveys. In fact, a recent meta-analysis of 42 studies involving over 22,000


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