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What On Earth Is Happening #185

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What On Earth Is Happening #185

From What On Earth Is Happening

Length: 136 mins


Date: 2015-02-14
Topics: The Neo-Feminism Agenda and the War Between the Sexes, Epi-Eugenics, Neo-Feminism as an example of the Hegelian Dialectic, Involvement of Think-Tanks, Socialism, and Satanism in the Neo-Feminist Agenda, the Satanic mind-set, the Emasculation of Men, Modern society as an Occultocracy, The First Question a Woman asks to a Man: "What do you do for a living?," Chasing the Illusion of "Security" and "Safety," Money as the "Primary Value," Men used by many women as a "resource," Hypergamy, Lack of True Care about the difference between Right and Wrong, the Socially-Engineered Condition of most women is NOT their Nature, the Imbalanced Ratio between Men and Women in the "Truth Movement," Women drive the corporate economy with over 85% of purchases, Attractiveness Studies, Men find 80% of women acceptably attractive while women only find 20% of men acceptably attractive, Eugenics through control of human perception, Control over the propagation of specific genetics and values through Mind Control, Falling Birth Rates and the Lie of Over-Population, Spiritual Evolution, People who side with an Immoral System to selfishly reap it's "benefits" for themselves, Vampire Allegories describing the seduction of women by Psychopathic Controllers, the difficulty of an "Awakened" Human being interacting in a relationship with an "Asleep" Human Being, the Ultimate Sin of betraying Truth and Freedom for lower forms of "love," the various Think-Tanks involved in the "Occultocracy," the Saturnian Priest-Class and its Religion, We are on a Spiritual Mission on Earth at this time to end the condition of Slavery.
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